Last Revised on April 2022


Please read the terms and conditions until the end and try to understand everything as much as possible. We will strictly apply all of these in all of our group orders.


  1. NO CANCELLATION OF ORDERS WILL BE ALLOWED. Place an order only if you are 100% that you want the item and that you can pay for it under any circumstances. We won’t accept any excuses whether it’s an emergency or not. Failure to pay on the deadlines will automatically make you a bogus buyer in our shop.
  1. The confirmation of your orders will be sent right away on your email after placing it if you order under our website. If the collection of orders are form basis, the order confirmation will be sent within 24-48 hours through the email that you provided. Important details such as the total amount that you need to pay as well as the payment details will be indicated in the email. If you happen to see any mistakes regarding the confirmation email, please contact us immediately.
  1. PAY ON TIME. Late payments are strictly prohibited. If you already paid for DOWNPAYMENT, no refunds will be given if you fail to pay your remaining balance. No excuses will be accepted for failure to pay on time.
  1. We only accept payments through the following: GCash, Paymaya, Metrobank, BDO, and Unionbank. We do not accept Cash-On-Delivery transactions unless you ordered under our Shopee account. Never send any payment to any other methods that are not indicated in the list.
  1. BE PATIENT. All of our group orders need a lot of patience. Most of the items that we sell are under pre-order which means that the items still need to be secured from overseas sites or sellers. The estimated arrival of every item is only an estimate and may change from time to time depending on the situation. For on-hand items, sorting and packing of orders also need a lot of time so please give us some time to prepare everything and no rush should be insisted.
  1. The shop is not liable for any missing content or inclusions of your orders as we send the items as we received them from the sellers or suppliers, specifically for sealed items. We will not also be liable to any case of loss or damage that the products incurred during the shipment from overseas (South Korea or Japan) to us and from us to the buyer’s address. We will make sure that your items will be packed properly and secured once we ship them.
  1. Transferring and selling of slots or orders will be strictly prohibited for any reason. We will only finish the transaction to the original buyer. Anyone who insists to transfer or sell slots, the order will be automatically cancelled.
  1. Updates for every group order are posted in our account. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the status of their orders on their own. We make sure that there are always updates posted. If we happen to miss any updates, that should only be the time that you ask us for any updates. We won’t spoon-feed anyone with updates.
  1. After paying for your order, including the local shipping fee, payment forms are required. We can’t confirm payments without any forms submitted as we highly depend on these forms to track the payments. NO PAYMENT FORM, NO PROCESSING OF ORDERS.
  1. For any orders that are not completely paid, including shipping fee, or not claimed within 30 days after the arrival notice has been sent, the orders will automatically be marked as cancelled and the original buyer will have no rights on claiming it afterward. No refunds will be made at any cost.
  1. In case of complaints regarding your orders after receiving it, please make sure that you have taken an unboxing video right before opening the parcel, showing that the original pouch/box is still attached as well as the receipt. Complaints will only be considered if the packaging of the items is untampered at the beginning of the video. Otherwise, the complaint will be invalid.
  1. For those who requested Shopee Checkout as the mode of delivery for their orders, please note that the shop will not be liable for any cases of loss or damages incurred during the shipment of your orders. No refunds will be given in any case. The only refund that you will receive is the refund that Shopee will give to you since the shop will only get the same amount of refund.
  1. The shop reserves the right to refuse our service to anyone at any time, especially for those who already have a bad record with us which includes issues related to transactions and behavior.
  1. The shop reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time. The submission of any order form under our shop means that the buyer fully agreed to have understood and to follow all of the stated Terms and Conditions.